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HiClock is the new Microgate start clock. Using a full colour LED matrix (16x48 pixels with 10mm spacing) it
can display different starting sequences flexibly according to the timing requirements. The ability to configure
the sequence and repetition time from the side touch display or the ability to load custom sequences from a
USB stick enables simple and flexible coverage of even the most insidious requests.

The compact size (480x160x125 mm), limited weight (3.4 kg), connection for a photography type of tripod,
extended temperature range (-20°C +60°C), and the temperature-compensated time base of ±1 ppm over the
entire temperature range make it the ideal instrument for managing the start sequences in all operating
situations. The Li-Ion battery allows the device to operate in a sequence repeated every 30 seconds for longer
than 20 hours, and the high-visibility LEDs combined with an outdoor light sensor ensure the device can
operate in bright outdoor conditions.

HiClock also has a GPS module with an amplified antenna for synchronizing the time base with the satellite
signal for managing starts which can turn it, if necessary, into a synchronizer using one of its external lines.
HiClock can be used either in stand-alone mode or connected to RTPro and ReiPro stopwatches via Bluetooth
or WiFi connectivity. When connected with Microgate stopwatches, it behaves as a viewer of the sequences
set on the stopwatch. HiClock can be configured (via Bluetooth) to function also as a displayboard to view a
competitor's running time, providing previously unthinkable flexibility in the Professional Timing market.
The PC simulator (available for download from timing.microgate.it) also allows you to become familiar with
the settings and use HiClock without having the device close at hand.


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